Planning to move to new home? Know what are the things to consider

Are you thinking to buy a new home? Here are some important things to consider:

Will I be able to connect my phone & internet when I move in?

If you have bought an nbn™ ready home, things you need to get connected will be installed prior to your shifting. You just need to contact your phone or internet provider in order to activate your service. Ask your builder to arrange a pre-installation of nbn supplied equipments.

For what will I be using the internet in my new home?

Considering your present as well as future lifestyle, you need to ask yourself whether you will be working from home or not and whether you need the internet connection for your gaming, TV, home security or energy management systems. Accordingly put a checklist and get the best deal that suits your requirements

What speeds will I get once I am connected?

There is a range of phone & internet providers providing a variety of plans as well as speeds on the nbn™ network. You will have fast access the online content world once you choose the plan that works best for you. From online gaming to video streaming, the new network will completely change the way you work, live as well as play. There is a vast range of speeds to suit the needs of every type of user. You just need to decide wisely which speed tier will best suit your requirements.

Which phone or internet company should I contact?

The nbn network is wholesale only which means you have full freedom to pick the phone or net provider, plans, speeds that works best for you.

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