NBN Internet Plans for Renting in 2021

Many internet providers favor long-term customers over renters who may have to move at short notice. Luckily, there are more options available to renters. It’s safe to say that internet providers usually favor customers who are in it for the long term, as opposed to those who are renting or continually on the move. More than two million Australians now live in rented lodging – often on a short lease of a year or less.

Consequently of this housing affordability crisis and rental boom, some internet service providers have jumped on with broadband plans personalized especially for renters. These include plans with short contracts and easy moving options, no home phone line rental, and no set-up fees, amongst other features. So what are the best deals available for renters? Read on to get some great internet plans for renters.

Internet plans for renters:

There are a few things you require to look out for in a broadband plan if you’re renting – particularly short-term (i.e. a year or less). These comprise:

  • Short-term or no contracts
  • NBN Plans without line rental
  • Low or no set-up fees

These days, most NBN providers provide all three of these, at a six-month or 12-month discount.

Internet plans with short-term or no contracts

There are certainly numerous causes why you might not want to be locked into a contract. Internet providers still love to tie you in for at least a year, with most plans on two years contracts. Certain providers may offer ‘no contract’ plans but could get you somewhere else later down the track, whether it’s with home phone establishment fees, installation fees, expensive modem costs, or any other hidden costs they can think of. However, most providers offer plans with no contracts, with setup fees and installation fees. Several providers have started offering six-month discounts on plans, to keep you sticking around.

Once you’ve decided what kind of broadband is right for your home, we have everything you require to compare internet deals and find the best package.

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