NBN services

Know which services will be switched off after the nbn™

The NBN or National Broadband Network has come to make your life easier as well as more comfortable. With super-fast speeds, you will be able to drastically reduce loading times, improve productivity as well as enhance communication among family & friends.

However, the NBN is not automatic. You will have to prepare some of your existing devices as well as services for the transition to new NBN cabling.

If the existing network in your area gets switched off, you will be notified by direct mail that the NBN network is ready. Also, you will be given the date when your existing network will be switched off. Hence, if you wish to keep using your fixed line home phone as well as internet, you will have to move those services to the NBN network.

Take a look at the services that will be disconnected permanently if you don’t prepare to move them to the new network before the advised date.

  • Telstra Home/landline phone services (except some Telstra Velocity lines)
  • Home/Landlines phone services from all other phone companies, where the service is provided over Telstra’s copper phone lines
  • Telstra BigPond cable internet services
  • All ADSL, ADSL2 & ADSL2+ internet services from all providers
  • Optus cable internet & cable phone services (switch off date yet to be determined)

If your internet or phone is provided over another fibre network, like a network provided by your private enterprise network, building owner, education or health network, or a cable network that is not owned by Optus or Telstra (such as TransACT – excluding ACT customers being migrated to the nbn™ network, OptiComm, Pivit or others), they will continue to operate until and unless your provider advises otherwise. The switch off is only going to affect the above services.

Prepare before switching off

It is recommended that you prepare well before contacting your preferred service provider so that you can discuss all your requirements prior to ordering your services as well as booking an installation. Your provider will be able to suggest you, discuss all the options as well as the range of competitive nbn™ plans that they have to offer. Once you are notified that you can move to the new network, you will get only 18 months to move your services to the NBN network and after 18 months your existing network will be switched off. You will get reminders, but we highly recommend switching well prior to your disconnection date as it may take time to process your order.

Services that won’t be switched off

If you subscribe to Foxtel Pay TV & it is provided over satellite or Telstra Cable, it won’t be switched off. If you access any Foxtel services via the internet (for example, through a pc/tablet/Xbox 360/smartphone/smart TV), you will require an internet connection in line with Foxtel’s minimum requirements.

The only other exceptions to the switch-off are a set of specialised services that are mainly used by businesses like ISDN lines (which are commonly used for PABXs & some EFTPOS terminals), or internet services or phone that are already provided over fibre, or through a network provided by a building owner, or a cable internet network that is not owned by Optus or Telstra (like Pivit or OptiComm).

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