High Demand of Families for High-Speed Broadband

Whether working from home, streaming entertainment, or learning online, Australian households on the nbn™ network are choosing higher speed plans. Across the country, households on the NBN network are choosing higher speed plans to work and study online, shop, and stream entertainment.

“Demand for data on the nbn™ network shows that Australians are simply doing more online.They are also choosing faster broadband that helps to meet their household needs,” speaks Brad Whitcomb, Chief Customer Officer at NBN.

Australians depend on broadband services to work from home, partake in online learning, stream entertainment, and access a range of vital services.

Customers are progressively choosing to upgrade to higher speed plans and are consuming more data to support their work and lifestyle necessities.

Customers and businesses equally are anticipating a new normal in 2021.

Do you have the right speed for your requirements?

Choosing the right speed plan is significant because every household has a different number of persons using the internet, at different times, on a different number of devices, and for different causes.

Furthermore, that’s reason the choice of speed plan, and phone and internet provider, is yours to make. Through your preferred provider, choose the right speed plan to encounter your requirements.

Chat with your chosen phone and internet provider about the best plans available at your place to assist to encounter your exceptional requirements!

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