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We know in the world of the Internet and tech, things get a little unclear. So before taking the NBN connection clear your confusion. We have put together certain of your frequently asked questions to assist you.

What speeds can I expect on NBN in the Seaforth region?

That depends on the speed level you have selected. It’s rare that you will hit the maximum probable speed for any NBN speed level but if you are planning for Fast NBN and frequently hit 100 Mbps, we would consider that a great NBN speed. If you will hit closer to the average of 85.6 Mbps during hectic hours this is still great but not quite as fast as your connection has the potential for.

Several opposing forces keep that full speed unworkable: the NBN technology used at your address and congestion on the network during busy hours all have an impact on your speed.

What type of Internet Technology is available in the Seaforth region?

The NBN is being carried out using a multi-innovative mix. The variety of techniques that will connect you to the NBN will depend on your place. Ask our network experts what variety of technology you will obtain.

The varieties of fixed-line technology available are –

• Fiber to the Node
• Fiber to the Building
• Fiber to the Curb
• Fiber to the Premises
• Hybrid Fiber Coaxial

How fast can I get connected in the Seaforth region?

If you already have an NBN Box installed in your locations or have an existing FTTN/FTTC connection with another provider, there is a good chance you will be connected within one to two working days. First-time NBN connections take about 2 weeks. The period is out of our control as it depends on the workload of the NBN engineers rolling out the NBN in the Seaforth region. There could be technical circumstances that may take longer than two weeks.

Do I need a compatible router?

The quality of your internet router at home plays an important part in determining internet speeds. Even as your existing may work just fine with an NBN connection, you need to ensure you have got yourself an NBN-capable router before upgrading.

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